Education at the Nord-Campi

Our Emergency Departments are intensely interlinked with education in the new Model Medical Curriculum ‘Modellstudiengang’ and in the practical training (‘Famulatur’/ ‘PJ’ practical year/internship). Details can be found on the Faculty’s webpage.

Education relating to internal medicine is co-ordinated at the CVK (Conventional Medical Curriculum ‘Regelstudiengang’). 
Secretariat Internal Medicine CVK
Co-ordinator of education for the Medical Center CVK: Prof. Dr Martin Möckel

Contact person: Heike Leonhardt
Mittelallee 10, 1.OG, Raum: 1.2853
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin

Montag bis Freitag von 9:00 bis 13.00 Uhr         
Telefon:(030) 450 553119
Telefax:(030) 450 553919
E-Mail: innere-lehrsekretariat-cvk(at)

Education for emergency care and the Emergency Departments of the Nord-Campi for the Model Medical Curriculum ‘Modellstudiengang’ is co-ordinated by Dr. Ulrike Bachmann.

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Contact for Medical Students & Interns

Mrs. M. Schwarz

Dr. M. Böhm
Dr. R. Offermann

Mrs. P. Trenkel