Education & Training

CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin offers a wide range of exciting lectures and courses. The group of students taking human medicine is the largest group of students. Each year 5000 doctors-to-be are educated in different undergraduate study programs. However, Charité offers postgraduate study programs as well.

Find out more information regarding lectures and courses on CampusNet or the sites of the Medical Faculty.

Emergency Medicine

Education and training of doctors-to-be is an important requirement for our Departments of Emergency Medicine. For medical students who are interested in receiving an overview of comprehensive medicine and in particular emergency medicine in injured and seriously ill patients, we offer clinical electives ('Famulatur') or internships ('Praktisches Jahr, PJ'). For contact, please use 'Contact for Medical Students and Interns, CBF', on the right. 

At our Campus 2 physician staffed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system provides high quality out-of-hospital acute medical care and transportation to definitive care for all kinds of diseases and injuries: Ground EMS in collaboration with Opens external link in current windowBerlin Fire Department and Helicopter EMS (HEMS) in collaboration with Opens external link in current windowADAC Air Rescue.

Elective ('Famulatur') & Internship ('PJ')

Learn more about electives and internships for medical students on CampusNet and the sites of the Medical Faculty regarding Internship for Foreign Students.

Coordinators of the Study Program

Teaching, education and training for students at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Campus Benjamin Franklin is coordinated by the head of the department Prof. Rajan Somasundaram and vice head Dr. Bernd A. Leidel. For contact, please use 'Contact for Medical Students and Interns, CBF', on the right.

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Charité Research Data Base

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Contact for Medical Students & Interns

Mrs. M. Schwarz

Dr. M. Böhm
Dr. R. Offermann

Mrs. P. Trenkel